Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home Gym

We don't have any kids yet, so we have three spare bedrooms. We have made one into a guest bedroom. The second bedroom is a future nursery/Todd's "laboratory" and the third is our home gym. I squeezed a $200 treadmill that I got off craigslist, a mini fridge, and my parents old TV into the tiny space. I think I'd like to add some mirrors and some vintage art. I mean there isn't a whole lot I can do in this room. Maybe some paint? Any suggestions? :)


lisazahnwrites said...

Just wanted to say I stopped by. I know how nice it is to get comments! I saw your comment at The Cottage Nest.

I love the vintage art, and what you've posted would look awesome in your exercise room. Good luck!

Dianna said...

I think you need bright, energizing colors in this room. Some spots of bright orange, maybe? And I have always loved that picture of Marilyn Monroe pumping iron ... did you know she is a size 10/12 in that picture? Love it.