Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coming Right Along...

Updated the laundry room with this print I got on ebay and a Shabby Chic Rug from Target. It's still not done yet, but it's getting there. :)


Sarah said...

Hi! Wow, you have a fabulous blog too! Yay!!! Thanks for stopping by mine last night. I'm new to blogland...I didn't realize I would meet so many cool people so quickly.

You were on weddingbee?! That is awesome!!! I'm trying to find some sort of balance/combo where I can post about some wedding stuff (like the invites I make) but also home stuff.

The laundry room is looking so cute:) And I loooove that white and green rug from Anthropologie, beautiful pattern and I love how the scale of it is so large. You had Layla from the Lettered Cottage help you with a room? Wow! I love her:)

So great to meet you, can't wait to read more!!

Dianna said...

I spy with my little eye.... one box of Tocca Lingerie Wash!!!

amanda davis said...

oh i love the pug poster! :) i have three pugs and i introduced them on my blog! come and see!

btw, i love your blog as well!

xox a