Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Before Pictures

When you live in new construction and your neighbor is within spitting distance of your house--chances are you don't get a huge lawn. Our lawn is bigger than most in our neighborhood, so we lucked out. However, we've never taken care of a yard before and now most of that beautiful green is an ugly brown. I'm mortified.
This was the master bath counter tops. They were brown and didn't match any of the other tile in the bathroom. It just looked kind of funny. So we had that replaced. I still don't like it.

Here is the tub with the other tile. I like the bead board at the bottom, but the darker tiles just aren't us. They are on out to-do list....waaaay down the road.

We added stairs onto the little deck into the back yard--there was no access otherwise.

And added a little gate so people can't just stroll in from the street. :)

This is the master bedroom with the horrible purple gray carpet that covered all of upstairs and most of down. It had to go. We replaced it with a creamy nubby one. I love it.

We painted the downstairs bathroom this gray/brown shade. It's a bit much for the space and I have yet to decide what colors to coordinate with it. Coral? Red? Mustard yellow?

The dreaded purple-gray carpet. We replaced all of downstairs with hardwood.

We made two changes in the kitchen. The red pendant lights HAD to go. We got some Pottery Barn school house lighting on sale. We also replaced the decorative tile with subway tile. There was nothing wrong with it...just not our style.

Finally, we replaced the dining room light with a sparkly chandelier.


mimi charmante said...

What a lovely home - can't wait to see what you do with it!
( I am still shaking my head at your cake story...)

KatherineBee said...

I love love love that tea kettle! Wow - I've missed your blogs since our weddings.