Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guest Bathroom Progress

Our guest bathroom is builder basic. Nothing fancy at all. We don't have money to change out the sink and vanity. Some day. Perhaps a new mirror will be in the cards sometime soon. In the mean time, this is as good as it gets!

I got this Anthropologie curtain on ebay years ago, long before I even had the need for a shower curtain! :) The letter H is another Anthropologie item I found on ebay. (I am addicted to ebay btw. I get really upset when someone out bids me.) :)

The Keep Calm and Carry on Poster that EVERYONE has. But I still love it.
I got this print on Etsy from Made by Girl. The towels are from Anthropologie too and I am in desperate need of a bath mat to tie it all together. Maybe even a different shade of paint on the walls?


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Those towels look squishy-delicious! And I do not have the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, although I have liked it forever. Guess I'm not in that club - yet.

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

oh my gosh!!! your bathroom makes me want to start allll over in my guest bathroom!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Amber B. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's so fun to look at yours. I love that shower curtain!!!!!!