Friday, April 30, 2010

Dr. Newton and Mrs. Buffy Beasley might be cute, but sometimes they drive me absolutely insane. Car rides would be a perfect example of that. I swear, they are going to have me killed with all of the jumping around and barking. They both want to look out the window...and neither are tall enough. So, I got one of these from CSN:

Problem solved. It's like a little booster seat! :) They took their first ride in it this past weekend on our way to a Tuxes and Tails Event put on by the Humane Society. They got to walk the runway!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm going to have a nervous breakdown

I'm exaggerating, of course. But I am super stressed about our new couch. We ordered a custom velvet gray sectional with nail head trim for our upstairs loft. This is the second couch we bought from this company. We LOVE our first couch. However, in our second purchase...things have been less than stellar.

First off, it was late. Communication in telling us it was late could have been better. Evidently, the nail heads had been done incorrectly. So they had to do the whole thing over.

Well, the day finally came for the piece to be delivered. Did I mention we also ordered a big overstuffed chair? Both pieces are BEAUTIFUL. The comfort level...not so much.

The sectional is a tight back English roll arm and it is not comfortable to watch t.v in at all. Now, I knew when we ordered it, it wasn't going to be like a overstuffed lazy boy. I knew that. But I figured it would be like the tight back we already owned downstairs. Or like the one in his showroom. Nay. The seat itself is fine and what I expected. The back is hard as a rock and you can't sink into it at all. It doesn't give. The chair is a similar situation. Hard as a rock.

Now, I called the company soon after they delivered telling them that I was worried about the hardness factor and whether or not it would soften up. They said, over time, it would. But the next day, I really started getting worried. Todd was pissed at the amount of money we spent and the comfort we got. I hated to complain to the company, because the owner is SUPER nice and really does make a beautiful product. However, we had spent a BUNCH of money and we were the ones that had to sit on it. So I called him and vocalized my concerns. He said he would talk to a local company and see what we could do about it. He said customer service is really important to him and I really appreciate that. But I got an e-mail from him today saying that he had consulted the upholstery company and they both agreed that there was nothing wrong with it. That it was well within the range of tight backs and that our couch is actually softer and more comfortable than the floor model. That bothers me. He did offer for me to come in and sit on his floor model again to compare. I know that our couch is not softer. I know I wouldn't have ordered the tight back based on the floor model if it was. Unless I am completely crazy!? Maybe I am. His other solution was to cut the back legs down, so the couch would have more of a lounge feel. I am open to that...but also worried that it will make it worse!

I am completely frustrated. I used to tell everyone about what a wonderful company this was and how if they needed a couch--they should get it there. I really hope I will still be able to do that. I don't know if I am being completely unreasonable or not. On one hand, it is custom--so you never know what the end product is going to be. On the other hand--it is custom, so it should be exactly what you envisioned. Right? Wrong? I'm so confused...I don't know anymore.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Three Years Later...

And the TV is finally hung! It was a nightmare to do, btw. Todd ordered a universal mount and as you can see, it sticks out. It bugs me to NO end. The wires hanging down bug me as well. I'm temped to paint them the same color as the wall! :)

The makeshift bar on top is doing a bit of concealing as well. Although, the dvr box is out in the open. Meh. I still think I should have wallpapered the darn thing before we hung everything..but I'm sure that we be an additional 3 years from now!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Empty Space..Suggestions are welcome!

I really need to figure out what to hang above the white couch. I would really like some kind of architectural salvage. Something dark, with texture. I can't seem to find anything to fit the bill.

I did consider these for a short time, but I think I need something dark.

This is darker, but doesn't fit the feel I'm going for. And I think I want one large, long piece. I love both the stags and the crowns, I think I will have to find a place for them elsewhere! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Steps: The Guest Room

The guest room is one step closer to being finished. The bedding is done. The paddles are FINALLY hung. Just need to get something to hang above the dresser, a side table (right now it's a food tray) , drapes and some accessories. I'm thinking these