Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Empty Space..Suggestions are welcome!

I really need to figure out what to hang above the white couch. I would really like some kind of architectural salvage. Something dark, with texture. I can't seem to find anything to fit the bill.

I did consider these for a short time, but I think I need something dark.

This is darker, but doesn't fit the feel I'm going for. And I think I want one large, long piece. I love both the stags and the crowns, I think I will have to find a place for them elsewhere! :)


Andrea said...

First of all, I LOVE that couch and I think the room looks great. I have the same situation in my house with a narrow piece of wall between windows. I raised by curtain rods (it made a BIG difference) and hung an extra panel at the end of each rod. I did this because any piece of art I put there just looked awkward. It was just something that worked for me and thought maybe it might work for you too! Good luck!

Matt and Staci said...

Pottery Barn has some Wall Mount Bells that I LOVE...they look like bells hanging from frames. They would easy to replicate IF you could find the bells. They would look good going vertical in that spot. If you are going for one item, I would say something beach like an OAR or something??? Good luck, can't wait to see what you do with it!

Susan said...

hello!? Awesome idea with the bells!!!

RACHELLE said...

i just wanna chew on that crown trio!

pretty ideas...all of them!

i am no good at advice.

i just enjoy everything!


Beautifully Inspired said...

Go to Wal-Mart or you local sporting goods store and buy a fake deer head... spray paint it a different color than white.. (instead of the white as shown in your post) Or you could do something like the vintage tins that pottery barn has... Just buy the tins that you big box hardware store sells and paint/distress them.


the lady of the house said...

I'm loving these!

Good Luck with your space - You'll figure something out and it will be perfect. You have awesome taste!

Taylor said...

Is your husband handy with a compound miter saw? How about some nice white casing/trim around the windows? It would really make them stand out!

Marija said...

Love your sofa! I think I would like to see drapery between those two windows. But I could be wrong depending on what's on the other wall with windows. Is there another window?

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Like Marija, my first thought was to add drapes to the other side of the rods.
Your room is beautiful and that couch!! Love!