Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Three Years Later...

And the TV is finally hung! It was a nightmare to do, btw. Todd ordered a universal mount and as you can see, it sticks out. It bugs me to NO end. The wires hanging down bug me as well. I'm temped to paint them the same color as the wall! :)

The makeshift bar on top is doing a bit of concealing as well. Although, the dvr box is out in the open. Meh. I still think I should have wallpapered the darn thing before we hung everything..but I'm sure that we be an additional 3 years from now!


Jackie said...

It looks great!!! Love the stand! Congrats of "finally" getting it hung! I know that goes!

The Polka Dot Pear said...

I love it! Get a cord cover that you can paint. That's what we did. We got ours at Best Buy. Super easy.

The Polka Dot Pear said...

Ooh, one more thing - got enough gin???? {snicker snicker} :)

Ashley said...

I stumbled on your blog last night....love what you did here. I, too, have a chest with a flat screen mounted above. Husband-mandated things like center speaker MUST stay on the chest. Do you give advice? If I send you a pic could you give your thoughts?

Susan said...

yeah--Ashley! Send me the pic! :)

the lady of the house said...

Hey gal don't stress it looks awesome!

This gal is insane about no cords... Have you read this?

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RACHELLE said...

I think that it is extraordinary!

i love the whole look!

i too would go mad with the wires showing.

sew yourself some "tubes" of fabric that are 3 times longer than the cord...and it will ruffle and look great. you could do no ruffling if you prefer. the fabric could be the same color as the wall.

How fun!

the mount....um you might have to paint that sucker! :)

i love your style. you are fresh and fun!



Lynnae said...

We got our flat screen about three years ago too, and haven't hung it up yet. Sometime in the past few months I just decided i wanted it to stay down. Of course mine is in the family room on a large credenza, so there's more room. But I like the height and had a little brainstorm for decorating around it.
I love the architectural element above it. My hubby specifically said 'No frames or other old chippy stuff is going anywhere near the TV'.
Yours looks cute!