Friday, August 21, 2009

Time is running out!

You have until 7pm tonight to enter to win these fabulous nesting herb crates from Lettered Cottage Home. You just have to do two itty bitty things:

1. Leave a comment.

2. Become a follower.

That's it! Good luck!


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Good heavens dear are these cute! Plus everyone could use some more thyme (hee hee)
Have a blessed night!

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

i think i already left a comment, but just in case, here's another one! your blog is just fabulous- i've been coming for about a month and became a follower after you posted this giveaway (though it was only a matter of time anyway!)

BellaRosa said...

I really love your blog, I have I guess been s "lurking" follower for awhile:) So... I guess it is time to make it official...let me just get my daughter so she can do the hard work and make me one of your followers...that sounds cute doesn't it :) What a neat giveaway, I think those nesting crates would look great in merchantile style studio, Rose

Pamela said...

waiting, waiting waiting!:)

Emily said...

I loved your old background with the colorful flowers! This one is nice too if course! ;)

Found you from "The Lettered Cottage" and enjoy your stuff. :)