Monday, August 24, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears.

Oh, my. I'm on the hunt for a sectional for our upstairs loft that can stand up to lions and tigers and bears. Okay, more like children, animals and grown men. That's pretty scary too. The couch needs to be able to withstand future children, cats with claws, and grown men eating chicken wings. I'm digging the Pottery Barn stripes above and would love to find an outdoor fabric similar to it. Anyone have any suggestions for fabric choices? Slipcovers? Velvet? Microfiber? Do tell! :)

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Vintage Junky said...

I know everyone is going to tell you slipcovers, and they ARE nice, but we love our sofa. I would love to have a white slipcovered sofa. At the time we bought ours, we had a very large (beautiful) shedding chocolate lab. I would have had to washed that cover daily. So, we went with a microfiber that isn't like ultrasuede (It freaks Mr. Hughes out!) It is kinda velvety... kinda like what some people call moleskin. But we can wipe anything off of it. And I like the style too, not the most beautiful, but it is still tailored. Okay, there is my novel about my sofa. I love the one you picked out from PB above.