Friday, August 14, 2009

Making Laundry Enjoyable...

I DESPISE doing laundry. Actually, it's the folding that gets me. I can get it in the washer. Sometimes it may stay days in there...and it starts to smell...and I have to wash it again...but it gets washed. I'm convinced that if I surround myself with pretty cleaning products it will make me want to do it more. :)

J.R Watkins
Meadows and Love


Mrs. Meyers

The Good Home Store

Lisa Stickley

Steele Canvas Baskets via Everything LEB
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New England Girl said...

I am embarrassed to say it, but I looove laundry... and hanging it out to dry on the line in a summer or fall breeze. I'm strange in that way. It makes doing chores less tiresome though. :)

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

LOVELY POST-That cover for the ironing board is FABULOUS!!

LuLu said...

I am a huge fan of Mrs. Meyers!!

stefanie said...

oh, do i hate laundry, i also have no problem with the washing, my biggest peeve is white laundry and socks, why can't they just make disposable whites and socks.

Aubrey said...

Ooh, I HATE doing laundry too. Try it with three kids--with one who changes his shorts 4 times a day. I can get the washing and drying done--my nemesis is folding AND putting away. All those pretties MIGHT tempt me to wash it more. ;)

Grandma said...

I love laundry. I learned a long time ago to use the time folding clothes to think about the person whose clothes you are folding. Think about what you love about them. Think about fun times. If it is your own think about things your WANT to do. Things your LIKE about yourselkd. Nothing negative. Soon you'll live laundry. As an old grandma I still remember when we IRONED everything also. I still love ironing. Hope this helps!!!