Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daily Dose of Awesome: Vintage Eye Charts

Blue Bell Bazaar via here.

One of these is screaming to be on my topography wall. Seriously. Can't you hear them calling my name? Soooooooosaaaaaaaaan! At least that's what I'm going to tell my husband when he looks at the bank statement. :)

Alphabet Cocktail


Katie @ Vinyl Vineyard said...

Love those! I bet you could make one, cheap.

Tattered Goods said...

I love the eye charts... I did not even have a clue that they are so popular... hmmm go figure :) enjoy your evening.


Vintage Junky said...

Love it! Why don't I have one? Oh, now I will be looking out for one.

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

they are awesome! especially the third one...i would like to have a mini eye chart to make into a necklace. you have such great style, lady!

Vintage Junky said...

award for you at my blog!

Ashley's Thrifty Living said...

love the eye chart!
I love your blog! I am new to it, and to the whole blog world. Come check my blog out if you get the chance!