Thursday, July 2, 2009


Translation. What would YOU do? Because I am at a loss. (And yes, the cable box needs to be moved as well as something to put in that bucket...but baby steps.) I don't have a piece of furniture big enough to fit in this nook and well, I like the little stand that the tv sits on. But then, what do I do with all that space above? Shelves? Multiple frames? One piece of art?
I'm in love with this plaque from Ballard Designs--but it's too big for the space! WWYD??


a little bit vintage said...

I can see why you like the tv stand...SUPER cute! I would leave it right where it is. How about painting the nook a different color than your other walls to make it stand out more? I think I would create a picture collage over the tv. :) Get several frames in different shapes and sizes to display b & w photos. It would look so awesome! :)


nameisgrace said...

I would make built ins. Since the space is so small, it would be fairly easy and cheap to do. You can paint the "inner" portion of the shelves a differnt color or use wallpaper on the wall! Looking forward to seeing what you do!