Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Greedy List!

I'm participating in Vintage Junky's Wish List Party. It might as well be called my delusional list. Cause Most of these...ain't never gonna happen!

Personal Chef. Oh how I want a personal chef. Someone to be at my beck and call, making me the most delicious dishes.

Before I die, I will own a Range Rover. I may be 89 years old, but it WILL happen. Okay, on to my more practical list.

I would love a pretty armoire like this one.

I want to swap out my current dining room rug for a seagrass one.

I don't know if a barn door is practical in our current house, but boy do I want one.

We could use new stools for the kitchen. The ones we have are too tall and lack any style.

I think our target lamps need to find their way to the dumpster soon. To be replaced with these beauties.

I'm hoping to stumble upon an AMAZING vintage sign one of these days.

My mom is getting rid of two wing back chairs soon and I'd like to slipcover them and put them at the head of my dining room table.

We really need a couch of some sort upstairs. One this size, but with similar lines to the one below.

I want one of these vintage racks for our bathroom to keep towels on.

I need to skirt SOMETHING! Anything!

A bar cart! (I don't even drink really...but I like the look!)


Katie @ Vinyl Vineyard said...

Dude, you got some sweet stuff on there! I would love a barn door too, but theres no way it'd look good in my current house.

Dream on, Katie.

I think you could pull one off in your house, though!

tralynn29 said...

I actually saw the cutest bar cart on craigslist last week. Minimalistic, sleek, glass top with two shelves. Wish I'd known you wanted one - it was a combo buy with some patio furniture I was scoping...and CHEAP, $50 for all 4 pieces.

BellaRosa said...

What a wonderful wish list...your blog always makes me smile. Rose

Anonymous said...

I love your list! The barn door is my favorite. I don't think it would work in my house, either.

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

awesome wishlist! yep- i'd like a personal chef, too, and that barn door! thanks for sharing!

New England Girl said...

awesome wishlist. :) I am determined to get one of those range rovers, too... but I'm refusing to allow it to come anytime after 35. It gives me ten years! Haha. Here's hoping! :)

Vintage Junky said...

Love, love, love your list! I wish you lived closer because I know of a vintage rack that is kind of like that for $139!! I think it may have been used for bottles... it has all these posts sticking out from it... it isn't really a shelf, but the posts are close enough together to stack towels on. I want it to put hundreds of spools of ribbon on in my make believe wrapping room. And I want to see a photo of your slipcovered wingbacks in the dining room... I bet they will be incredible!

Well, I have written enough!! Have a good day!

Swiss Avenue said...

I love that dang bar cart. I do drink so it could be a problem! Thanks for sharin'! Love your blog!

Kisten said...

On your post of: I'm hoping to stumble upon an AMAZING vintage sign one of these days.
Where did you get this picture? I have to have that sign.
I enjoy your blog!

haleys cottage said...

I love everything on your list and could use just about everything except for the rugs. The puppies like them for potty pads. No rugs in our house! How is your little baby.

Cindy @ haleys

La Dolfina said...

Great wish list you've got going there!!
I especially love how they did that barn door at a ninety degree angle. Very clever.
I really enjoy your blog. I just started one myself and you inspire me :)
Have a great weekend.

Tracey said...

I would be beyond thrilled to have that gorgeous armoire! What a great wish list!!

:) T