Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tales from Craigslist....

Last night we had a couple come over to look at a sofa we are selling. I had just gotten home and went to check on the dogs upstairs and make the couch look presentable with some pretty throw pillows. I screamed. The little monsters had ripped up their pee pad and pooped all over the floor! Of course, that was when the door bell rang and Todd escorted the couple upstairs. Did I also mention that my laundry was on the couch with my underwear and bras? Deeeeelightful.

Side note: Lately, I have found a lot of people on craigslist out of touch with reality. For instance, maybe you don't sell your stained, 15 yr old Lazy Boy recliner for $600. Maybe you shoot a little lower. Or the tv stand from Ikea that you are trying to sell for MORE than the price at Ikea. I swear, people are completely delusional!


Autum said...

That sounds like something that would happen to me. My son (a Marine) brought a buddy home for Thanksgiving weekend. When I walked into the kitchen to greet them, one of our dogs had strung clean laundry across the floor. Nothing like having to pick up a trail of undies so you can shake your guest's hand.

About Craigslist, I think with its growing popularity, instead of being an online classified- some people are using it as a business and it makes it more difficult to find a bargain.

Linda said...

Yeah, but did they buy the couch??? LOL>>>very funny although probably not to you at the time. I haven't used Craig's List much.

Party Box Design said...

OMG... how did they react?!?

Seriously been there for sure! Just wait until you have kids-lol! Bodily fluids... ahhhhh the glamorous life

Anonymous said...

heehee, figures your wee runts would do that!!

Craiglist has turned creepy indeed here. This was a marketing tool to resell ones stuff not to make a living off of.

I too see items way over priced for crap. Hell I can purchase new accent chairs cheaper and I even purchased a new rug runner for 10 bucks off of ebay brand new wool.

So it's been more so for the estate sales or auctions and I'll never go somewhere alone.

Be safe and find a consignment shop to bring your stuff to.

with love,


Craft Tea Lady said...


I've been searching CL for some things and am SHOCKED @ how much ppl think their yard-sale-worthy crap is.

At least I'm not the only one out there thinking the same thing. :)

(aka CraftTeaLady)

Embellish-Vintage Home Embellishments said...

I had a simular situation with the cable guy. He had to check the cable in our bedroom and he unfortunately he had to step over my bra to get the the outlet.

kiakai/Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Now that was funny!! Sounds like life with dogs. Ha! And I had to laugh about your Craigs List comment. I saw the other day, a man selling a 1980's, light pickeled laminate bed and nightstands for $2,000!! and he had matching coffee table and end tables for $600.00!! I totally had to laugh!
I NEVER find anything good on craigs list :(
Thanks for your wonderful idea for my round window. I saw that in a magazine once and loved it!


Aubrey said...

The horrors of Craig's List are worse in Utah. People are trying to sell things that should just go straight to the junkyard. It's like they want someone to come and pay them to haul their junk away.

Your spraypainted lockers--did you use the spraypaint primer? It helps. So does a trigger, but I didn't look at your comments from those posts, so maybe you've already been told about those things. My finger gets so sore when I try to spray paint a lot without my happy little trigger thing.

Roberta said...

OMG...I'm LMAO...we've used craig's list quite a bit and the most frustrating thing for us is the "dumb questions" feel like saying..."did you even read the add"...the measurements, etc. are listed and they this new? duh!

MISS B said...

Oh totally agreed on the Craigslist observation!

Nishant said...

. This was a marketing tool to resell ones stuff not to make a living off of.
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